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waterplay at the zoo

waterplay at the zoo

Ollie turned 4 years old yesterday. He had a whale of a time at the zoo, and at ikea – his favourite restaurant. He was so happy he had a Frozen themed cake for his birthday.

He woke up this morning, bright eyed and bushy tailed. He decided that he would have granola for breakfast, together with a cup of Milo. He thought, it was a great start to the day!

Then he had to go poop. Daddy offered to clean him up but all he wanted was Mummy. Mummy was tidying up the kitchen, and told him, it’s okay, Daddy can change you. Mummy is a little busy. Ollie was having none of it, despite Mummy explaining that it was the same having Daddy change him.

Both Mummy and Daddy were getting a little frustrated. Daddy wanted to help Mummy, get it done and head off to work. Mummy wanted to finish up what she was doing..uninterrupted. She gave up and told Ollie she would change him, just to get it over and done withshe thought.

It..wasn’t getting to be a great start afterall.

Ollie decided that he would play with some Duplo for the morning. He built some alphabets and thought, hey I think it would be find for mummy to join in!


Not now, Ollie, mummy has to do some work’. She had some laundry to do, coupled with unloading the dishrack, and then perhaps eat some breakfast.

OK!’ About 10 mins later, Ollie thought, I think mummy should be done with her work. I should ask her to join me again! It is going to be so much fun.

‘Mummy! Are you done with your work?’

‘No, Ollie…look, if you keep asking me if I am done, I will have to stop what I am doing to answer you. And then it will take longer for me to finish my work’.

Ok..!’ He replied a little less enthusiastically.

Another 10 minutes passed..and Ollie thought, surely, surely mummy is done by now!

‘Mummy, are you done??’

‘NO!!!! OMG, OLLIE!’ she yells. Ollie starts. How about this, Ollie, mummy will be dome by 9.30am. I promise you.’

Ollie nods. He decides..maybe watching tv is a better idea.

It was true. I was getting frustrated. It was get go the moment we woke up. Breakfast for the kids, laundry, tidying up the kitchen, putting in the laundry, changing 2 poopy diapers, trying to prep my breakfast, hanging out the laundry…

And Facebook-ing..and sending emails. Btw, I still hadn’t eaten breakfast by then.

In my mind, I was lamenting about why Ollie didn’t understand that I needed to do the chores. Why he needed so much of my attention. Why couldn’t he just play with his younger brother. Just…why. I did think about taking time to explain to him..briefly, how he constantly has a steady supply of clean clothes in his drawer for him to take, how he can roll around on the floor in the living room as he please cos it was clean enough to do so.

Then thoughts about what I needed to do for work took over. Even thoughts about how I decided to draft this post as well.

Yet..I was laughing to myself as I took what I thought was a well-deserved 2-min break as I scrolled through some posts on my social media platforms. I wasn’t frustrated at giving Facebook the attention it didn’t need. Why was I laughing at something inanimate and frustrated at the one person that actually needed my attention? But hey, I was doing the chores, I needed to take just a quick breather. surely..surely it was fine? 

Priorities…I definitely got them wrong. I was frustrated cos I was interrupted doing the things I wanted to do. In hindsight, Ollie had been so polite and helpful this morning. Wah..this birthday thing is awesome. Just one day into the next year and he has grown up a little more!

It got quiet, I looked outside and saw the kids staring at the television, watching a cartoon program. The looks always creeped me out a little..that blank look. And I felt guilty. Why was I not engaging with my child? That struggle, surely I needed to do the chores. The google box was just a temporary measure, I assured myself. Or was it?

It was 9.25am when I finished hanging the laundry.

Ollie! Okay, mummy’s done. Let’s do some activities!” I exclaimed. He hurriedly switched off the tv.

“What activity are we doing? Do you want to play some blocks?” he asked excitedly.

“We’d do something different today.” I smiled. He grinned. We spent the next 45 mins writing and drawing. I took out the crayons that he used for school last year, and he told me which class he was, and how he could colour with the crayons. I sketched out the map of our MRT stations and he spent the next 20mins poring over it.

Closer to the time to go to school, I had to prep his lunchbox and get him to dress up. He obliged without complaint.

45 mins of quality time spent together. 45 mins of chores. When kiddo is happier, I think I will get more time to do what I want to do.


QT loves naptimes. For one very simple reason: because it is my time with him together. He gets all of me without having to share with Ollie.

Earlier today, he was tossing and turning all over the bed before he settled on his favourite spot – my flabby tummy. He snuggles against it with his eyes closed, reminding me of the days he would snuggle against my chest before nursing to sleep. My tummy belongs to him haha. He doesn’t allow anyone to touch it. He kneads it, he snuggles against it. He caresses it.

hand in hand

hand in hand

When he finally settled down against me, he held my hands and I took the opportunity to look at his tubby fingers. I can’t believe that it has been almost 2 years since I had this fella. How long more can I enjoy these tubby hands before they got long and slim like his brother’s?

Ahhhh..bittersweetness of motherhood.

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