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NYE night

NYE night

“老公,又一年这样过去了。孩子也长大了。” I said to Donald earlier today.

I was watching Ollie stuffing his school backpack with his toys, and QT crawling around the house. Ollie is stoked about school. He excitedly put on his school shoes for school orientation yesterday, and got even more stoked about his school bag when we bought it after the orientation.

Oh Ollie..I wonder if you will just as excitedly walk into school on Friday morning. I wish I could be just as excited as you. I mean, I am, but I am just as nervous as I wonder how I would adjust to a schooling you.

Just tonight, we decided that we would let you stay up cos you woke up late from your nap. Daddy and I watched a movie on TV, “Lucy” whilst you watched some videos on the phone. Well, we tried to watch a cartoon, “Brave” but you weren’t too interested in it. Instead, you showed me later that “eh, I can watch Ben & Holly’s Little Kingdom on daddy’s phone“.

Eh your head lah. It’s mummy to you okay.

As nervous as I am, I am also a little fearful. I am officially leaving you in the care of strangers. We are ending this year with so much uncertainty and a fair bit of sadness in the world. A plane went missing, a plane got shot down, and plane crash landed. I got sad when I learnt that there were children on board the plane. I wondered how I would have dealt if it had been you guys on the plane. Probably not very well, but then again, you and your brother are seldom out of my sight. So let’s not go there. Yet.

There are illnesses, Ebola and what not. When you go to school, I will have to worry about HMFD, flu, cough, chicken pox, H1N1, gastro..etc. Definitely all part of the school fees that we’ve paid. Probably comes free in the package without us asking for it. Haha.

I wonder what the new year will bring for us. We’ve got more plans for our business, we’re going on a major trip, and hopefully we’ll be on the way to giving you another sibling!

I know right. What must be going on in the heads of your parents. Haha. And how did this entry end up being a letter to you instead of just another entry?

But you’re doing well, and doing awesome with Quentin. I love it that you make sure that he has his water, and how you are happy to offer him some of your snacks (Cheerios only pleaaase, not oatmeal squares!). How you tried to carry him despite only having a 4kg difference between the two of you. How you tried to pull him up so that he can walk. You are so excited when you see him try to walk! How you quickly rush to grab a toy when he is fussing in his cot.

2015 will be an awesome year and I will try to make it so for you, Quentin, Daddy and I. So bring it on!

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