the not-so-extended break

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seriously? It wasn’t intentional.

We meant to take a short break, enjoy Donald’s birthday and then went back to working on our new business and the current one as well. But everything went downhill after his birthday.

the kids got sick. Donald got sick and then I got sick. THEN I got sicker cos of a reaction to the antibiotics given and had to be warded for a day. The good part of it? I got better cos I had a good rest though QT spent the night with me. I missed him sooo badly. That and my boobs were dying cos I couldn’t feed him whilst at the A&E.

And then Donald got sick again..and the boys got sick again resulting in a visit to KKH on Sunday cos of high temperatures and I got sick on Monday.
The list could go on. But I am so effing tired it is not funny. Just today, Ollie is cranky enough to want to be carried around the house. 20kg on me for the morning, with a brief 30 mins respite when they napped mid morning. Oh my 天. And there were so many emotions going thru my head cos of a few things happening this weekend. Urgh. Frustrations on the high. Major high.

It’s times like this I feel like I am walking on a very thin line as a SAHM. On one hand, with two kids, I do wish Donald would be able to do a little more but his hands are tied whilst he is at work. He is doing enough already at home. I guess that doesn’t really compensate for the mental exhaustion that I am going through. On the other hand, it sucks to see the kids cranky. I haven’t seen them readily joyfully smiling since Sunday. So far it has been snot, cough, sweat, saliva.

All routines have gone to shot but thankfully bedtime routine has more or less gone back to normal.

*deep breath* I will suck it up for the next couple of weeks, make sure the boys and us recover, and then I am going for a short holiday. I need to recharge BIG TIME. Now that is something to look forward to.

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