We had almost a day together. My parents came over to watch the kids and pick/drop off the boys.

We went off running errands, restocking and doing deliveries. We pondered what to have lunch. I mean no kids! Hahaha, the options were limitless. We could have spicy food, steamboat, anything! But that is the difficult part. We ended up having something safe, haha, a bowl of ramen. The ah pek had wanted something soupy that afternoon.

We had a lovely lunch, no interruptions. The conversation veered slightly towards work. Then I stopped you, because I wanted us to be talking something else apart from our work. Sure, if we talked about finances, it would veer back towards work again, cos we would discuss about how I could grow the business so that we could look after the kids’ future.

We talked about the kids, we talked about travelling, we talked about our friends, we talked about us, we talked about Alex and what we still had to prepare for Alex. I mean, we were experienced, but we might have missed out on something.

We then headed for a car servicing after lunch. My first with you. I wasn’t big about sitting at the workshop for an hour or so, just waiting. But you convinced me that we could have a drink and chat more. And we did.

You told me it was one of the best days you had with me in a long while. I was abit zonked out from interrupted sleep, had catnapped a couple of times in the car. And probably was sharing random thoughts or offloading some of the mental load. To be honest, it was hard getting used to the lack of noise around me. hahah. I spend a lot of time with noise. I think I am getting hard of hearing. That’s what having 3 kids yelling away, on top of me yelling at them, probably does to my ears.

But it was a good time out. I got to hold hands with you, without anyone complaining. I got you all to myself for 7 hours. It was nice. Life is going to get busier soon. I don’t think I’ll have a lot of you left to myself once Alex is here! Better enjoy it whilst I can. haha.

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