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Thanks to Donald and friends who voted for me via Facebook for the apartment gardening competition organised by National Parks, I won a $20 Vineyard voucher and a set of gardening tools, pink no less!! Haha

Donald and I checked out Hort Park during the Gardeners’ Day Out and thought we could make use of the opportunity to check out the park again in a lazier fashion after brunch.

What was supposed to be a 3-person affair ballooned into a 5-person affair after my dad heard that we were going to Hort Park for brunch when we asked if we could borrow the car. Kua kua..My dad is someone who loves going to check out parks and gardening stuff (even more of a fanatic than me really..haha). Despite my mom trying to hint to him that he should not go along, we ended up piling into the car with the both of them and all of us went for brunch.

I had the Brioche French Toast with Bacon. It was heavenly. It came with soft fluffly brioche french toast, pieces of bacon cooked to perfection (imo), strawberries and slices of almond. The bacon was crispy at the edges and just right in the middle, not soggy. I drenched it liberally with maple syrup. Salty and sweet. mmM. Definitely would go back there for more french toast! hehe

Mom had the Eggs The Way You Like ‘Em with poached eggs. was know, eggs. Ollie finished a piece of toast that came with her dish, eating the soft white bits. Dad had the Eggs Benedict. And’s know, eggs. =D Donald had the Vongole. He said it was pretty good, sauce and clams, just that the linguine was a little hard.

After the discount with the voucher, the entire brunch worked out to be slightly over S$80, no thanks to the S$8 bottle of Evian mineral water. Well, they did ask if we wanted still or sparkling water..and I naturally assumed that still meant that it would be tap water. I didn’t even know that tap water was an option. DOH. I mean, what’s the protocal on still, sparkling or tap anyways? Anyone want to enlighten me??

We took a walk around Hort Park after brunch, seeing that it was a really sunny arvo. Ollie had his new shoes on, and at some point in time during the walk, we thought we’d let him try walking in his shoes. He doesn’t know how to walk on his own, but given the support from holding his hands, he is happy to walk a little, albeit like a drunkard. Hahaha. It was an awesome walk; Ollie had a chance to see a squirrel up close, gathering some fruit that had fallen to the ground and scuttling off; we had a chance to check out the veggie plots; and see some vertical gardening concepts.

I reckon we’ll make another brunch trip there when Ollie is a little older, and we can walk through the veggie plots again. Maybe let him pick some veggies if there is another Gardeners’ Day Out even again.

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