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guess who came to visit today!

Fogey #1 – Nick


Nick left the company a week ago. =( He’s my tea and morning chat buddy. I was plesantly surprised when he popped by today. I basically went, ‘aaahh Nick!! I missed you!’ haha.

Nick’s response?

‘No, you don’t. You didn’t text me, you didn’t email me, you didn’t call me. You don’t really miss me at all’.

hahah. He is such a sook. My mornings are kept busy now, cos Nick’s not around to distract me. =P I fed him some cake from Morgan’s farewell, and he went off on his way. Speaking of which, here’s a picture of the cake, bought on my recommendation (haha, of course I want to take credit for it!).

Awesome chocolatey goodness


the fiance and I had tried this cake when we popped into the shop to have a chat with them about wedding cakes. Ruby’s Patisserie was recommended to us by the winery we are holding our reception at. They were so busy that they could only meet us on Valentine’s Day. We came across another cake guy earlier and we went ahead with that (yes yes, impatient bride-to-be =P). We did buy some mini cakes off them, and this triple chocolate cake was one of them. I had a small slice today, and I felt so sick from the sugar and chocolate..ugggh. The mousse was awesome though. I could have heaps of that. =P nyum nyum.

okay, ’nuff drooling. I gotta get back to writing more reasons! haha

Henry @ work: a backfill of 2 mths! shows how much you really love your hubby-to-be eh? hahaha

ahhh shaddup. =P

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