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we’ve had some awesome days of weather lately. Out of nowhere came 2 really sunny days, and we’re having good weather for the weekend as well!

I think the plants are enjoying abit of rain and then sun. The strawberries are going mad, not sure if I’ll get any decent fruit. The peas and parsley sure went mad in the rain. I had to keep chopping parsley off just so it wouldn’t get out of hand. the garden peas were awesome though. i couldn’t resist eating the first picked one on the spot. haha. =P till last year, I never knew eating fresh peas were so good!

garden peas

we managed to get some decent gardening done. Donald mowing the front lawn and backyard; and I was weeding and clearing out some plants. I love watching Donald mow the lawn. But it’s only cos it means I get to see my beautiful backyard. It’s just so amazing to see the grass getting cut down and you can see everything clearly again. Not clumps of weeds and grass around. Just looks neat and tidy. =P 

Gonna be putting some corn and carrots in once I’ve prepped the soil. Off to the hardware store today to get some soil improver and snail pellets. Gonna be a new season! =)

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