week long break.

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well..almost. and I can’t wait!!

as of tomorrow, I’ll be on leave. woohooo! it’s my first long one since I started working. I actually felt bad about taking the break. But I think it’s a good time to take a break. *beams!* can you feel my excitement already? hehe.

I have an idea of what I want to be doing the next couple of days. It was really nice of the husband to take leave together with me so that we can spend more time together. So..I thought I’d better line up some activities for us to do over the next couple of days.

Things like…(and for my husband’s info cos I know he’ll be reading this) :

1) going to Tekka Market for breakfast, and taking a walk IN the market.
2) cooking lunches for both my grandmas over the next couple of days
3) if we get those free tickets to Universal Studios…I’ll try the Battlestar Galactica (probably going to regret writing this down)
4) a picnic somewhere
5) a really nice dinner one night
6) take the Singapore Flyer? (I think that’s a waste of time, but thought we had to try it at least once).

All these on top of the other appointments that we already have booked. Ohoh..and shopping! There are a couple of recipe books with my name on it. Totally rocks when it’s your birthday month. Discounts, discounts, and more discounts!

I totally can’t wait!!

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