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This winter feels long. Granted it didn’t really start till mid-June. We had such a fantastic autumn tho, with surprisingly sunny days.

It has been raining..raining and raining for most of the winter. Our electricity bill went up cos of the increased use of the heating haha. Hey, a small price to pay for comfort. Gone are the days of putting on more clothes just so you save that bit on electricity. =P

Woke up early today cos we were meant to head out for brunch with Donald’s niece and her friends. It got cancelled cos one of her friends was sick. We had plans to have pancakes for breakfast anyways (the wonders of pancake mix!). We’d done a shop yesterday and I have been having this craving for fluffy pancakes. Yar, pancakes are always fluffy in my imagination. =P Bought heaps of fruits as well, and juiced them this morning too. Donald was in charge of the pancakes.

Donald and pancakes don’t really go well. Any kind of pancakes. Indian pancakes (roti prata) and the fluffy pancakes with maple syrup kind. He burns them all the time. So..we had burnt pancakes this morning, with a cup of tea and juice. haha. Like any of my other cravings, the novelty of having fluffy (burnt) pancakes wore off really quickly.

Was in the mood for doing some gardening. The weather has put a damper on my gardening. I still toss the compost weekly. Got a bad snail & caterpillar problem, my peas and beans are being eaten. Bah. The brocolli is looking good tho! Was putting the pavers in when it started raining. -_-”

So much for gardening.

Hope the weather picks up in 3 weeks time! I need the sun for my wedding! =P

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