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So earlier in the week, I mentioned that I needed to reduce my junk food intake so that I don’t put on unnecessary weight.

Nope. I am reinstating the order in the house, which is to reintroduce that into my life. Haha. In moderation of course. I still need to set a good example to Oliver.  *nods wisely*.

I came to that conclusion when a couple of days after the lack of junk food, I was getting inefficient and clumsy around the house (pffffffpt sez Donald). I split a mug of sweet tea which resulted in me having to scrub and wipe down the entire kitchen; had some chicken “exploding” in the microwave so I had to clean that up; and..<insert some other eventful event>.

And of course I attributed it to the lack of junk food. Bah. I need to restore that order in my life. So guess who will be going on a baking spree this weekend?

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