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good grief. has it been almost a month since I last posted?

okay, I was stuck in a rut. I had heaps to write about but..just having to sit down and pen the thoughts was the last of my priorities especially when it was the school holidays, and then school reopened..yada yada. Ironically, the one post sitting in the draft is about primary school registration. Hahaha. WTH.

during these one month,
Рwe did another baby fair for our business;

biglittleme.com FTW!

biglittleme.com FTW!

Рorders for our diaper cake business starting picking up;

Hotair balloon diaper cake
– we made some changes to our life plans;
– QT had some not so nice news about his health;
– and I was still stuck in holiday mood for the longest time. Argh..
– I made new friends! (we say the most insane things that have us cracking up at the phone)
– I got my cooking groove back

oh hello! You've been missed!

oh hello! You’ve been missed!

And as a result of the success of those above two dishes, I am going to be cooking up a storm next Friday for some close friends. Seafood dinner, it is going to be insaaaane. I don’t know how I am going to cope, but I think I will somehow figure it out then. The menu consists of : prawns, scallops, mussels, crab, faux lobster roll, salmon. I can’t wait! Tho we haven’t really figured out the dessert yet. Any suggestions??

The husband and I managed to squeeze out a date night over the Hari Raya long weekend. Some date night..haha, cos we couldn’t decide where we wanted to have dinner at! We were thinking of somewhere nice, but it was already 8pm. Boo. Donald decided that we should go have something that we can rarely eat..so we went for sukiyaki at Shabu Sai! Kua kua. And then we had coffee at Starbucks where we had the most insane discussion about primary school choices (I promise that post will come up soon!). Well, it was the season for Primary 1 registration and we were monitoring the stats like a hawk. Who ask Ollie to be born in the Dragon year leh?

We got to a standoff, and actually had to give a call to my friends who are teachers to share their opinions (I won! haha). Still gonna be taking a while to convince Daddy Ting, but he is swaying a little. =D

The boys..ah the boys. They have gotten closer to each other. Amidst all the snatching, the pushing and pulling has stopped. Ollie is able to somewhat care for his brother, assisting to help remove pjs, trying to help put a diaper on for QT, and that hand-holding is TOO DARN CUTE!



Moments like this..make me forget every single frustration there is when I am dealing with them, maybe more so Ollie. Some days, Ollie just drives me batshits. The things he say! OH MY GOODNESS. But then, there are also moments when he abides by my requests for him to help and he comes up with the sweetest things! This hand-holding thing between them has seemed to become a habit, with QT requesting for Ollie to hold his hand when the two of them are lying side to side.

*heart melt*

And moments like this, I do wonder if I will have enough room for a #3. Even’s good. But where would the 3rd go? I’m sure it would work out eventually.

For now, I am treasuring that bedtime bond they have, and saving these memories for bad days.

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