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daddy’s home!

this is the look on Oliver’s face when Donald walks through the door after work.

Oliver has come to recognise Donald as a daddy that plays with him..especially after his bath, just before bedtime. To a certain extent, our roles have slowly been defined by the amount of time that we each have with him. I am with Oliver pretty much 24/7 (unless I have some special “me” time), whereas Donald gets 2-3 hours each evening, and pretty much the whole weekend.

The 2-3 hours that Donald spends with Oliver includes feeding him dinner, bathing him, and some play time before bedtime (usually involves some shrieking in excitement..doh).

For the past couple of weeks or so, Oliver has been pooping in his diaper whilst having his dinner, which means on Donald’s watch. Secretly, I am glad. *grin* It means I do not have to wash the poopy diaper! Yay! And no, I did not train Oliver to do so okay! *indignant*

Ollie’s been going through some mad development in the past week or so, with the latest development: pulling himself to a standing position, and jabbering ALOT. Good grief. And he is not shy about it. Thankfully the 4.30am jabberings have toned down a little to 5.30am, and this morning, 7.45am. That I can live with. I reckon it’s the whole teeth thing that’s making him “talk” alot more.

It’s pretty funny to watch him jabber on tho, and you can sorta tell when he is frustrated/angry when things don’t go his way. It just gets louder, and more agitated. Hahah.

I’ve recently decided that I will be trying to take more photos of him using a proper camera, rather than the smartphone camera. Pretty inspired by taking more decent photographs after seeing a couple of photos taken of us by a friend when we were on a trip in Melaka. Looks like I’ll be practising heaps more!


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