thursday dinner: chicken patties

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it was the first time I had crumbed something without a patty falling apart on me and without egg as an ingredient too! it was awesome! hehe. i think there must be something magic with chicken mince. was a really simple meal to make without making too much of a mess. it was great as a leftover as well, but the pong from the any other pong from leftover pizza.

the salad was something I whipped up at the last minute only cos Mr Ting needs vegetables with his meals. the blue bit that you see in the photo isn’t an olive (I don’t eat olives, thank you very much). It’s a blueberry from the backyard. haha. we had some cherry tomatoes and blueberries ripe, so I thought I’d just chuck them in. they still taste good warm too! oh one thing I forgot to add in the ingredient is pasta. DOH. and to think the photo had pasta staring in my face.

will be something to try again, maybe with a diff kind of cheese. mozarella..nyums..=)

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