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cotton shoes for boys (31/10/12)

who would have thought I’d be THAT interested in sewing. Hah.

I made those pair of shoes last night, after putting Ollie to bed. Ever since we came back from Melaka, my motivation had waned a little, mostly because Ollie was getting a little high maintenance. It was harder for me to put him to bed and he would wake up at the slightest sound, which meant interruptions if I were doing anything at all. Thankfully sewing was something I still could continue if I was interrupted. Baking wasn’t that forgiving (flat cake, melted batter..etc).

So Donald’s cousin, myself and Ollie went on a trip to Chinatown to check out some fabrics. oh dear. I needed so much self-restraint. There were so many pretty fabrics!! And to think I always thought that the kinds of fabric in Singapore were boring and traditional (think neighbourhood tailor/seamstress kinda fabrics). I bought a yard of khaki linen for a diaper pouch project, some fat quarters and long quarters, and some cotton print fabric for Ollie’s satchel. There was a shop that sold silk brocade and polyester Oriental print fabric. They were gorgeous. Tempting to buy a yard of silk brocade but I reckon I better master the machine first before I start buying expensive material haha. They weren’t THAT expensive really, $20/yard. There were linen that were more expensive!

Apart from fabric, there were shops that sold accessories (notions) for sewing projects too! Leather straps, eyelets, cotton/nylon webbings..etc. I was going googly eyed looking through everything.

The next time I’m going there, I’m gonna need a list. I didn’t manage to get some of the stuff I would like to have cos I didn’t note down what I wanted. Doh. I’ll need to use up some fabric first I make a next trip!

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