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恺: 快乐,和乐

That’s QT’s name. 昭恺. And he is living up to it. With Ollie, we waited a long while before we heard him chuckling the way QT did. With QT, he was giggling at about 5 months. He would giggle when he was sleepy, and anything could set him off. He was easily amused whenever we made a funny face or noise.

And we all know how infectious kids’ laughter is. QT’s laughing is so infectious that even Ollie is tickled by it. I took a video of Ollie amusing QT. My heart could just burst with love and joy.

I think I could have another kid like now. Hahah. The more the merrier eh? It doesn’t help that QT has started yelling for me when he wants to be picked up or if he is upset. “Maaaaaaaa”, “Mama!”. Wah, how to resist? He also knows how to work his charms on me. You know that feeling when you pick your child up and he nestles against your chest? Yup, I’m talking about that feeling. He uses it to his FULL advantage. This boy ah..

Oops..gotta go. The baby monitor just went “mama.” Time to settle the baby to sleep again.

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