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hat day

hat day

Bedtime routine usually starts when I shower both the boys together. I would soap Ollie, and he would help soap QT. Quite the factory production line, tres cute.

QT has been speaking a little bit more these days. I can sorta understand him amidst the babbling. Bedtime chatter is surprisingly a bit more understandable, with single words used.

He knows when it is his bedtime. Lights go off, sans toilet light, we have a cuddle in bed and then he gets cheeky. He reaches his hand up and pokes into my nostril.

Me: brrrr *in reaction to the invasion, then swats his hand away*
QT: *chortles*attempts it again*
Me: brrrr!! *in reaction* okay, no more. That’s it.
QT: *crosses his arms* Dodt!
Me: yes, stop. Mummy always says stop eh?

I then lift him up from next to me and put him on my chest. He pushes himself up and looks at me.

Me: I love you
QT: *leans over to kiss me on the lips* mah!
Me: I love you! 
QT: *leans over to kiss me again* Mah!

How awesome..his trigger words for kisses are I love you. He then leans on my chest and hums.

I sing him Twinkle Twinkle Little Star whilst running my fingers through his hair. He does the actions to star for the entire song. When I am done, he goes “mama?” He alternates between calling me mama and mummy. Depending on what he wants. But it could have mean “more” as well.

I sing him another song, Itsy Bitsy Spider, our favourite fun song. Our song.

He quiets down, and finally falls asleep against me. I can’t help but take a huge whiff of him. I need to bottle up this smell. They all grow up so fast.


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