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I had half a day to myself today to run some errands whilst Donald looked after Oliver. Had a haircut and then headed off for an appointment with the dermatologist about my hives. Meh. Nothing major according to the dermatologist so all’s good.

Usually when we head out, Donald is in charge of carrying Oliver in the Manduca. And I get a chance to see how Ollie is sitting in it and play with him.

Today I looked at him and he looked different. He had filled out a little more, looked more grown up in those shoes and gave a more grown up grin.

He laughs alot more readily and it has been lots of silly fun. He is no longer happy to be carried and wants to walk more. He understands when I tell him to pat Marcus and will gamely squat to give Marcus a couple of pats before toddling away. He does challenge authority sometimes when I tell him “no” but he seems to detect something in my voice when I say “no” to him going near the fan and he will abide by it.

I treasure my moments with him when I sit in the play yard and he comes over on his own for cuddles. He will bury his face in my chest and then lie there for a moment before climbing all over me. He blows raspberries on my tummy, lifting up my top, and then looks up with a cheeky grin when I laugh and say “hey!”.

I was reminiscing with Donald about how it seemed like not too long ago when we saw Ollie learn how to roll over, to crawling and now walking.

Ollie also seems to understand now that there is also Papa if Mama is not around. He has recently allowed Donald to put him to bed more easily. Looks like I will be getting more breaks soon! *gleeful*

Can’t believe he is gonna be 1 soon. Argh….

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