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Oh mummy, ollie…want that!

Ladies & gentlemen, we have a uber chatterbox on hand.

Good grief. It is non stop from the moment he wakes up. He remembers stuff he did yesterday and starts recounting it.

“Panda..take lift! Ollie take picture pandas!”

“Ollie sit slide. Whoo! Go playground! Daddy bring Ollie go playground, wear helmet, bicycle, East Coast Park.”

All this for 15 mins straight and before this mummy is awake. And of course, Ollie will feel it is his duty to wake mummy up.

“Mummy, wake up. Ollie unbutton pajamas. Ollie wee wee!” (That usually gets me up cos we have like 20 sec window before we make it to the toilet, sit him down on his toilet seat and wait for him to pee).

“Muuuummy, wake up! Wear spectacles. Ollie pull mummy hand.” *grabs my hand and tries to pull me up/off the bed*

Okay okay, mummy is awake. Sigh. I’m not complaining. It is amusing to hear him verbalizing all these thoughts. He actually does respond appropriately when you ask him what he is doing.

“Ollie doing…eating Cheerios.” “Ollie doing sleeping!”

He says “sorry” as a way of saying excuse me because he has heard me say it a few times when we are out. He imitates Donald calling me and sometimes calls me “baaaaaaybeeee” when he is in his room and is calling out for me (cheeky bugger). He announces what we are doing, Donald has been caught out by him announcing that “Daddy biting thumb!”. He tells his toy animals and Elmo to be “careful careful” when he is walking them around the house. He says, “Daddy seatbelt on. Mummy seatbelt on” as a reminder when we get into the car.

There is basically something for him to say about. And he remembers what you have just told him very quickly and clearly. Yikes..gotta watch what we say now!

Of course with the good..there is some bad. Mostly good, but we are not perfect.

Ollie has been becoming a little more temperamental. He would now cry if he doesn’t get his way and is not easily distracted. Not with his aunt or grandma but with Donald. It is probably because Donald is more stern with him than any of us. I am comfortable with that, though I am trying very hard to not allow for that “good cop bad cop” situation to arise. Ollie will need to learn that Daddy & Mummy are united on certain fronts. Some things…mum is definitely a lot more lax that dad. But that’s another story.

I foresee some bumps ahead with Ollie..given the change in temperament but we are still mostly good. Motherhood is just going to get more interesting.

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