double milestones

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hey monsters,

yes, both of you. what is going on here?? are you guys up to no good??



I knew you guys were up to something when the two of you exchanged this look.

let’s start with you, Ollie. all of a sudden, you are randomly announcing that you need to go (do a wee). Or if I asked you if you needed to go, you would say ok. And in both situations, you would actually go on the toilet. Hmm, looks like you are ready for undies eh?

Well, yes..and no, Daddy’s undies do not go on your head. *sigh*

You also randomly started announcing that you had done a poo, in your own Ollie way. “*grunt*ooooooh, mummy, need wipes and change diaper!” hahaha. A little too late to get you to the toilet, but hey, that works. Little toddler steps at a time okay? No rush. For now, you can waddle around in your poopy diaper, whilst yelling/asking me for wipes and “change diaper!”.

And that spelling. Wow. You blew me away when you learnt how to spell “toilets” by heart in just 2 hours. Daddy pointed out the word to you on a sign at the airport, and you recited the letters out. And the rest was history. Now, mummy’s going to teach you how to spell “library“. muhaha..cos that is going to be one of your favourite places to be at. =P Yar, of course. Now that you know how to use the word “favourite” too.

And you, young man. Yes, you, Quentin. Did you just like decide that you will flip yesterday??? *throws hands in the air*

I’m proud of you, don’t get me wrong. I had been worried about your progress..cos you were born 6 weeks early. Your 哥哥 had been able to flip at 3 mths and here you were..already 4.5 mths old. But hey, taking away the 6 weeks, you are pretty much on par. So yay! *high five*

You had been giving me signs when I have been guiding you to roll to your tummy by pulling your hand. You were slowly getting less reliant on me pulling you and using your stomach muscles to help you roll. Daddy reminded me that those nights you were nursing every 2-3 hours were just advanced warnings you were going to surprise me soon.

But both you and 哥哥 at the same time?? What is this, post Mother’s Day present? Hahah. Well, thank you then. I am very pleasantly surprised.

Time really flies and almost half a year has gone by. Both of you are doing very well. And I’m proud. Thank you for letting me be your mum. It is my privilege and I love you guys.


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