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my #foreverbaby

my #foreverbaby

this kiddo here, is still very much like a baby. Or maybe it is me who treats him so, cos he still looks so baby-ish.

He has recently just started randomly running towards me whilst I am seated, just for a kiss or a snuggle. Oh boy..do I enjoy such moments. And he has started calling me “mama” or the occasional “Ma-mee” whilst signing. Major heart melting.

He hasn’t really started talking yet. It is still a lot of one word or one sound for various things. The only obvious words he can say is bye, stop, don’t, snap (nap!). The rest are just one or two sounds. Having said that, he understands instructions very clearly. You can pretty much get him to do whatever you want him to do haha.

He is a stickler for order at this point in time. You cannot mess up his toys if he has neatly arranged them. He still can force himself to vomit if he is in distress. And regurgitate whilst heĀ geks super hard when he poops. (TMI I know..). He is mad clingy to me and doesn’t allow Daddy Ting to soothe him unless I am not around. Soothing at night is crazy if Daddy Ting gives it a shot (cue shrieking, gagging). I had a call with a USA supplier one night and Daddy Ting had to deal with a fussy QT. Could hear the shrieking for a bit..and then quiet. And I thought he did it!

But noo…..it was cause of Elmo. Elmo’s World on Youtube to be more precise!! *grrrr* At 1am in the morning leh!! QT and I didn’t get to sleep properly until 4am lor. I was soo tired but hellooo sleepy stimulated toddler. *sigh* Bo bian..cos I really needed to complete that call.

I guess I am still babying QT alot cos I don’t think I can handle a very strong-willed toddler and a overly independent NST. Either that or I haven’t been really strict with QT. Haha. We haven’t have much alone time out together. Usually when we are out, it is during his nap time so I quickly do a shop and then head home. Phew. Fortunately for now, he is still easily pacified with food! Haha. Everything about this monster is food. Have no idea where he packs it.

The relationship between the two kids..is getting better. There are that occasional bad days, but mostly good. It is so nice to see them playing together and then chortling away, in the shower, on the bed and chasing each other around the house. Love that kind of noise around the house. =D

Guess this fella’s still gonna be the #foreverbaby until the next kid comes along!


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