#itsagirlyting: 11 months

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She turns 11 months tomorrow.

I told Daddy Ting that I am not ready for her to turn 1 year-old yet. I am dreading it. Urgh.

She started walking last Saturday. 4 steps. When she took her first two, I squealed ‘bebe, SHE’S WALKING!’ to Daddy Ting, who was in the study doing some work. She grinned as she took her first two steps, before launching herself into my arms.

She’s not a baby anymore. My heart sank a little.

She has picked up a lot more skills lately, finally signing ‘thank you’ after 5 months of signing omg. She offers flying kisses, pats her brothers, gives slobbery kisses..AND she cries when I say ouch & pretend to cry when someone hurts me, her included! Hahahaha. So damn cute lah. If no crying is involved, she would snuggle up to me and give me slobbery kisses.

Earlier this evening, we had a shower together. She was tired, but she enjoys playing with her bath alphabets, so that keeps her occupied whilst I shower her. Then I picked her up for a rinse off and she rested her head against me, letting the warm water run over her. She sighed and ‘mmmmm’-ed. I ‘mmmm’-ed internally too. One day, she’ll struggle against me and not want to snuggle so. Better enjoy it whilst I can.

It took her awhile to settle down, she rolled around on my bed, then pulled at my hair, pat my face and nibbled on my finger, all the while babbling to herself. She then crawled to my pillow, rested her head on my pillow, and stared at me, continuing her incomprehensible babbling. I leaned over, buried my face into her belly and took a deep breath.

baby smell. the kind that identifies your kid out of the so many other kids. You know how you can identify your child’s cry in the midst of a crowd? You will be able to identify based on smell.

she is the last baby. She will join the ranks of her brothers, and they will wreck even more havoc in our lives. Haha..but my heart cannot be fuller that it is now. Just seeing the three of them together.

We have no big plans for her first birthday. No party. Downsized from the huge party Oliver had for his 1st, to a shared 1st birthday for Quentin (cos their birthdays were only 1 week apart), to no party for Sarah.

No budget. Hahah. I settled for a photoshoot with Grow Old With Me. The boys had their shoots when they turned 1 year old. But this was going to be a special one. Cos it was also for me. A milestone for me, closing of one chapter of my life. It was a shoot where I wanted to doll up. Where I wanted some part of it to be about me. Odd but I thought, hey let me put some effort into this one and feel a little special.

I sent my wedding gown to be altered into a shorter dress for the shoot..cos jeng jeng, her birthday is 5 days before our wedding anniversary. I thought..might as well right! The excess tulle was going to be made into a tulle skirt for Sarah. Omg. I hope it turns out right. So exciting!

But..sigh. let me mourn the growth of my kid for now. Argh..

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