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Today was one of those days where the need to wrangle Ollie’s neck was stronger than other days. He was just being..well, a levelled up toddler.

For the past month or so, Ollie has embarked on a “Ollie do it” mission. Take off his pjs & diaper himself, feed himself, putting on shoes himself and wanting to do things himself without help unless requested. We seemed to have instill in him a “try first, if you really can’t do it, ask for help” message. So far, it works. He would try his hardest to put on his shoes, and when the yells of frustration kicks in (“try!! Try!!”), we would step him and guide him by asking if he had removed the straps to his shoes, and if he still couldn’t put his feet in, we would ask him if he needed help, to which he would reply, “mummy/daddy help”.

But of course, with this independence, comes more “calamities” in the house. It is a little trying for me, being 5 mths pregnant and having to clean up spills, pick up more things around the house. “Ollie hold!” and “Ollie feed!” usually result in some spillage but that has gradually decreased so I am cool about it. The “Ollie do it!” are the ones that drive me nuts cos we will probably be fighting over the same object cos I do not wish to do more housework around the house but Ollie is determined to have his way and do it. Or Ollie doesn’t want to hold my hand when we go for a walk cos you know, “Ollie walk!”.

“Ollie wipe” “Ollie brush” “Ollie pour” “Ollie get up” “Ollie wear” “Ollie flush”

Pretty much Ollie everything.

After the day has passed and I think back about it, I think I have had a pretty decent day and Ollie was just..being Ollie. I have to remind myself that he is a toddler finding his role at home and discovering himself. And he has been a really decent kid!

Then again, days like this also make me wanna habe my tubes tied after I have Quentin, especially if having two boys are going to be twice the trouble & mayhem. Donald is already trying to convince me to stop at two haha.

Fat chance for now.

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