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I gotta stop getting nostalgic each time I wash new clothes for Ollie. Meh.

And each time we wash his new pjs, Donald and I would go, “woah, these are really long. He is gonna trip in them, and it’ll take awhile before he grows into them”. Or something like that. So we have gone through..4? 5? washes of new pjs. And I still say the same thing.

Each time he grows into them, and I take out the new pjs, I realize he’s grown. Grown taller, filled up a little. He is just not so tiny any more. I put away the clothes that he can’t wear any more and marvel at how much smaller he was 6 months ago. And then think, “has 6 months just gone by already??”

Damn. I need tiny babies. And I need tiny babies, STAT.

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