Ollie-isms #2

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1) New method of waking Donald up: stripping himself of his pjs and diaper, followed by waving said diaper in front of Donald’s face saying “it’s heavy, it’s heavy!”

2) Playing quietly in his room for the past 15 minutes or so, and then suddenly running out to the living room where I am, and stands coyly in front of me.

Me: what?
Ollie: *lifts right leg up*
Me: ohhh I see you found the bedroom slippers.
Ollie: *runs off back into his room again* 

3) Ollie has a Sesame Street First Look & Find book which he loves and constantly goes through it. There is a particular page whereby Elmo is in his bed fast asleep and there are toys littered around his room. On the floor are some blocks that are stacked together. And each time we get to that page, Ollie says “Mama (his paternal grandma) buy this for Ollie.” We have always brushed it off as Ollie wanting his grandma to buy those blocks for him.

Turns out…they have walked past a toy shop previously and she has casually mentioned that she would buy him some wooden blocks that they saw. Good grief, he has some mad memory.

4) Initiating the “must” phase. Previously Ollie has always said he wants something. He has officially upgraded it to “must”.

Ollie: Ollie must hold the bottle. must!

Yeah, sure. Pffffpt.

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