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my new read!

my new read!

So..Singapore’s Child recently ‘gave birth’ to a little 24-page section in their magazine! Starting November 2015, this 24-page section, otherwise known as bébé, is chockful of bite-sized information for every expecting parent and new parent.

Previously, Singapore’s Child was already bundled with KIDZone, an edutainment magazine targeted at kids below 12. Now, together with bébé, it is really an all rounder magazine catered for families with kids of various age range!

content page

content page

What I love about the bébé section:

1 ) When one is in doubt, one usually goes to the Internet for information. But with SO much information out there, how do you know what to filter and what not? bébé narrows it down, and provides the pointers for your consideration before going out into the big Internet world and delving deeper into your choices.

keeping it real

keeping it real

2 ) The struggle to breastfeed is real. It is not an easy journey, and most new moms have a rough start to it (cracked nipples, sore nipples, mastitis etc). I like that there are hotlines that you can dial to seek advice!

what's trending in labour-world

what’s trending in labour-world

3 ) what is a parenthood magazine without the usual checklists? =P

4 ) maybe it’s just me, but I really liked that everything is in bite-sized portions. The articles are not too lengthy, it gives me a quick overview of what I need to think about (then again, I am a second time parent!).

5 ) membership to the bébé Family (hello exclusive invites, exclusive giveaways, samples and reviews! *auntie mode on*). Please register here!

To be honest, this is the first time I laid my hands AND eyes on Singapore’s Child. I’ve heard about it many times but have always thought it might be too atas for me ( was all the packaging). Having gone through the entire bundle, I truly appreciate the local flavour they have peppered throughout the magazine. tough love + Outward Bound School, a local travelogue with tips and facilities, an event calendar for the month. The KIDZone magazine is a bonus for me cos it also serves as a magazine plus activity book for the kiddo. Some parts may be too heavy for the almost 4-year-old, but hey, it could very much be a reading activity for parent and child!

From parent-to-be, to parents, to the kids. I reckon Singapore’s Child has got it covered!

Disclaimer: is the Digital Partner for Singapore’s Child and I received a complimentary issue of the magazine for review purposes. All opinions are solely mine and are written as objectively as possible. 




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