Small hands

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Small hands, small hands
You scratch, you tug
You pat, you cling
Most importantly, you hold
Oh how you hold.

Small hands, small hands
You bang, you clench
You point, you bat
Most importantly, you hold
For now, you will hold.

You held my hand as you nursed
Unaware of the world going around you
We lived in the now
Just you and me.

You held both my hands as you struggled to walk
You gained your footing
You gradually only hand one of my hands
Confidence grew.

One day you will run
You will skip, you will have fun.
You will go with your brother,
With that look of adoration
Your hands once small, would have grown.

But small hands, small hands
Your mama will always remember those small hands
The hands that cling and pat
Scratch and bat.
Most importantly, the small hands that hold.

I love you, dear Quentin. I can’t believe you are turning one soon!

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