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So here we are, Donald and I are sitting in the observation ward at the emergency department, with Ollie. Ollie’s been puking since Thurs arvo and we thought we’d bring him in cos he was puking everything that he ate or drank.

We got here about 10.30pm..and there was a crowd. We had some 30 people ahead of us and that was just to see the triage nurse for a preliminary assessment. And then we had to wait further for the doctor to call for us. Just sitting here..I could see the tired and worried faces of parents as they waited for their turn. Parents who were giving some nurses a difficult time cos they felt they had been waiting too long. Family who were giving their parents a hard time cause they felt they should have known better than to bring the kid to the emergency department.

Each face had a story to tell. And I thought we were on the better end of things. Ollie wasn’t puking after he had some medication. We just had to give him some fluids gradually and wait for him to pee….which would be interesting and possibly a loooong wait.

Oh wait..we got lucky. He just peed. So just another couple more shots of fluids and we might get to go home.

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