this too shall pass

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did I blink and miss it again? Ollie seems to have undergone another transformation.

for the first time EVER, I went swimming with Ollie, together with Donald. Ollie loved it, and I loved it. From the moment he only wanted me to take him into the water, to holding on to me as I walked around in the adult pool, to him actually laughing as I dipped him underwater quickly.

And then everything could only go uphill from then on. HAha..okay, this is only on hindsight.

We had the most peaceful Monday yesterday. Usually after a weekend of toddler debauchery, Mondays are spent “repairing” the routine and there are tantrums and some frustrations involved. Maybe he had too much fun and decided that he wanted a quiet Monday. He watched some TV for a couple of hours, and then we did some reading together. Lunch was a quick and easy affair. Naptime was a BREEZE. He actually went up onto my bed without any reminder, and pulled the quilt around himself and laid down on the bed going through my phone. Post nap, we shared some noodles and then he went on playing by himself.

Today? Pretty much peaceful too. Told him to get himself a reusable diaper from his drawer and he did so. The drawer got pulled out and dropped on the floor. He then picked it up and carefully slotted it back it. No frustration yelling involved.

Wow. That totally blew me away. It made me realise that I must have missed the transition somewhere along the way. And the first of the last four molars! I have been keeping an eye out on those molars cos Ollie has been chewing his fingers like mad. And yesterday, the first of the last four is half out! (which could probably explain why he is in a really better mood).

It definitely is reminding me that all those tantrums, testing of boundaries and trying behaviour, all of these shall pass and I will get my toddler back. Ahhhh..onwards and forward to his 3rd year of life quickly!

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