Walking in the rain

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rainy day

stomp stomp stomp

When it rains, it pours…and pours. Thankfully we managed to meet up with our friend who came down from Malaysia and had a lovely cooling morning breakfast at Grub before it poured.

Whilst this mummy caught up with her friend, Daddy Ting and Ollie had a nice quiet stroll around Bishan Park hand in hand before the food came. The mentaiko fries…oh mentaiko. Yummms. The dip was definitely more-ish! This would be a place that we wouldn’t mind going back for brunch again.

Got back in time for Ollie to crash out for a 3-hr nap. He had a late bedtime the night before and I guess he was catching up on sleep. I think the rainy weather also had something to do with it haha. I had to wake him up else last night’s bedtime was going to be even later and he would have skipped his lunch.

Daddy Ting and I were contemplating going to check out the new Bedok Mall but the rain was kinda putting us off. Ollie got a glimpse of his boots when Donald was putting a spanner into the storage cabinet and starting fussing for us to take his boots out.

Hmmmm. Mummy had a brain wave haha. I told Donald that this would be a great chance for Ollie to go stomping in puddles in the rain. Aaaand he has a raincoat. *beam* surprisingly Ollie was really game to put on his raincoat.

“Ollie walking rain!” after we decked him out in rain gear.

And because of that, Donald said we’ll go for a walk in the rain. Well done, Ollie. You got your daddy wrapped around finger hahah. Now just tell him that mummy wants a ..*whisper whisper*. =P

He looked so adorable wearing the raincoat and wellies. I was taking heaps of photos. Mother’s syndrome. Fun times ahead.

I was just writing some notes in my organiser and trying to remember some dates I have for the next couple of weeks when I realised we’ll be seeing Quentin in about 2 weeks time. Wow. Has two weeks passed already? 6.5 mths…and just another 3-ish mths to go. Then life will be turned upside-down for me haha. Okay…breaaathe. I was also thinking about the conversation Donald and I have been having over the weekend. Finances, raising a family, and our families. Welcome to adulthood I guess.

And just like that, I was checking out some updates on social media platforms and started reading about a riot happening in Singapore. Huh? Surely these people were sensationalising an incident? But no, I was watching videos of rioters overturning police cars and setting things alight. And I felt unsettled. Here I was, snuggled under the covers in bed with my husband, my child in another room feeling all safe. Somewhere, about 30 mins drive away, there was a mayhem unheard of in over 20 years.

What is this world coming to?

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