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Not sure if the kiddo is being cheeky with me these days…

Ollie: mummy, I want a cracker!

Me: come on..we are heading out now. Will eat when we get on the bus.

Ollie: are you sure? are you sure you want me to eat on the bus?? You sure I can eat on the bus?

Me: *distracted packing the diaper bag* yes, you can eat on the bus.

Ollie: noooooo, cannot eat on the bus! There is a sign that says *crosses his arms in front of him* NO EATING in the bus!

Me: ….

2) on phonics, we were playing a game during the train ride home

Me: *phonetically* Ollie, what is buh-ah-tuh?

Ollie: B-A-T!

Me: and what is that?

Ollie: BAT! Like bat (bad) behaviour (daddy Ting had just scolded Ollie earlier that morning for bad behaviour)

Me: hahahahha.

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