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the wilful one

the wilful one

just a week and a half more to Ollie turning one, he is already giving me a preview of what is to come.

Definitely knows what he wants.

A little bit of both Donald and I. But presently, the preview that I am getting…seems to be one from a horror toddler movie. Haha. Good grief. Meals are a torture. He yells (in a good way) all the time, roaring in the play yard like a dinosaur He babbles words like “buh” (book), “bawh” (ball), “bub bub bub” (bubbles), “bi bi” (ribbit for frog), “phhhhhhh” (fish), “ooos” (shoes). On command, he throws his toys, he hugs and eskimo kiss his stuff monkey, he shakes his fingers at objects that he is not supposed to go near to (the fan, shelves and shoe rack).

Sleep. Hah. Another whole issue. Ever since he fell sick, his sleep has gone haywire. He has also become more clingy to me, and wakes up crying in the middle of the night, instead of just fussing like previously. Label: separation anxiety. haha. It is driving me nuts a little since I have been enjoying my 4 hourly sleeps at night, and now we are back to having to nurse almost every 2 hourly again. It is harder to put him to bed too. He no longer wants to cuddle up to sleep, and he doesn’t really nurse to sleep either. He seems remain just as awake whilst nursing. A process of weaning perhaps?? Just need to wait for the midnight nursings phase to pass.

The transition is probably what is frustrating me. Because just when I thought we were establishing a routine, a change kicks in. Both Donald and I get frustrated at having to deal with a somewhat confused eater. He shares a little of my cereal in the morning, had some oven-baked fries that we were having for dinner the other night. He is WAY too interested in eating what we are eating.

Which probably means we have to eat healthier. *grumbles* He almost had a go at my fried chicken this arvo. Close call.

On another note, the progress of Ollie’s birthday party is moving along quite nicely! Can’t believe it’s about 10 days to go. Dunno who is more excited about it. haha.

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