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I want to marry you cos you were silly enough to want to ‘attack’ the ‘jungle’ in the backyard by hand!! hahahah

When we first moved into the house that we are currently renting, one of the things I wanted to tackle, apart from all the cleaning, was the backyard. It was a jungle out there. The grass had grown ridiculously long, above knee height. And it just kept growing each time it rained, which didn’t help.

I told Donald that we had to get a gardener in to do the first cut, or else we’d have to go buy a lawn mower. Donald, being Donald, well, said he’d get some tools and cut it by hand. And by tools, we mean shears. To give you an idea, the garden has got to be at least 8m x 8m, if not bigger. We spent what, $20 on a pair of huge shears, and a small out to cut edges.

We spent a week after with sore legs, back and arms. *roll eyes* It was ridiculous. When we got to half the backyard, I thought that’s it, I’m not going to do this anymore. Surprisingly, even Donald threw in the towel. *laugh* We went back out to Bunnings to get a manual lawn mower cos it was cheaper than buying one that ran on fuel. 3 hours later, we brought the manual mower back cos it had broken. The grass was WAY too long for it.

Thankfully, a couple of weeks later, we found a $20 petrol lawn mower at a garage sale and we have neatly cut grass. =) I can’t believe I actually entertained the thought of cutting grass by hand. Pffffpt.

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