4th wedding anniversay

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Donald and I have been dating since 2005, making this our 8th year together, whilst being married for 4. It had its ups and downs, mostly ups cos we try to keep it that way. Our arguments/quarrels are sometimes fierce and I usually enter a cold war with him. He would cave and apologise only so we would talk again. The thing about us..is that we are still dating and that is what I love about us.

When we were dating, we were still in our honeymoon phase two years in. Close friends would say how can it be that we look as though we just started dating? Thankfully we didn’t gross much friends out haha. Hello…practise some restraint please!

Till date, we still go out for dates. Sometimes with Ollie in tow, sometimes my mom or sis would help out in the evenings. We just needed to be back before Ollie’s bedtime. Those precious couple of hours are all we need to recharge as a couple and forget that we are parents (though Ollie is always at the back of my mind). Dating is always fun, we remind ourselves of why we entered into this relationship and why we love each other in the first place.

Just like that, we celebrated our second 4th wedding anniversary, with a 21mo in tow. And of course it was more than an anniversary. It was about spending time with Ollie and having a staycation. We slept a lot hahah. Well..it was a local staycation. So it was a lot of swimming, eating, chillaxing and sleeping.

It was about the look of excitement on Ollie’s face as he enters the hotel room, wandering around and exploring.

It was about the look of amazement on Ollie’s face when he stepped on carpet for the first time (it was hilarious).

It was watching Donald and Ollie playing in the pool. They spent about an hour each time in the pool and Ollie got a tan!

It was about watching Ollie squeal in delight as in ran into the stream of bubbles that came out of the bubble gun whilst we were at the Lawn.

It was about Donald and I enjoying our time over meals. Not so much chilling and enjoying the view of the Gardens by the Bay (sorry, this mummy had a headache the first night and was soooo tired by the 6.30am morning call the next day she crashed out early again the follwing night).

It was spending time altogether in a relaxed environment, away from chores (albeit the load of laundry I faced when we came home..haha), away from other responsibilities, away from any other distractions.

It was a good two-day break. But probably not again, any time soon. I need to recover from my staycation!! I can’t believe I walked so much…argh. My poor feet..

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