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I want to marry you cos you’d drag yourself up in the mornings so that we can go to garage sales to satisfy the closet ‘karang guni’ in me

We never really went for garage sales in Tasmania. Occasionally, we’d pass by one near Salamanca, but was about it. It wasn’t until we moved that we discovered this wonderful thing called garage sales. oh and the Quokka

cheap quaint items for less than half of its value! best kind of bargains are always found in ‘moving interstate’ sales. we bought our TV and DVD player from a garage sale. bedside tables from another garage sale, some bowls and plates from a garage sale, TV stand and a standing fan from a garage sale. Imagine the amount of money that we’d have saved up!

Alas..more often than not, it wasn’t really the case. *laugh* After 1.5 years garage saling, we actually ran out of stuff to buy. I don’t even remember the last time we went to a garage sale. I guess our rented home is sorta complete, hence the lack of need of stuff.

Then Donald got a Ikea voucher……and that’s another story. =)

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