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I want to marry you cos we quarrelled over Jay Chou and now you understand my “love” for the handsome, sexy, droolworthy, talented Jay Chou =D

*laugh* it started off with me being all huffy about people dissing Jay Chou. I think Jay Chou is misunderstood by those people who are obviously not his fans. Sure he mumbles when he sings, but he’s improved so much! And surely his musical talents make up for everything else. His songs are so poetic, one could just fall in love listening to it.

But yeah, Donald wasn’t really dissing Jay Chou..but well, he was going on about how he can’t understand what Jay’s singing..blah blah. The usuals. And I got pissed off. -_-“

And of course he got pissed off at me for getting pissed off at him over Jay.

Ah wells. All’s well, and he’s come to accept that my “love” for Jay isn’t going to dissipate anytime soon. I get the occasional “it’s either Jay or me, you can’t have both.” but most of the time, we’re good. =)

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