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I want to marry you cos you are creating a little reading & music corner for me, pieces by pieces. Got the chair, & the rug. When’s the stereo and bookshelf coming? =P

For some weird reason (not that I’m complaining), Donald just decided to create a little corner in our study for me. My reading/music corner. He came home from a shift at Ikea, all excited about a chair.¬†Similar to the Poang that I bought him for his birthday last year.

But I don’t need a chair! And you hardly sit in yours.’

‘Come see first lah!’

We ended up having a breakfast at Ikea, and then going to see this chair that he was raving about. And he came clean with the reason for wanting to buy me a chair. Aww..very sweet. hehe. I had been eyeing a mini stereo for a long while too. I miss being able to put cds in and then boogeying around the house with the boogeying kind of music. *cues Lady Marmalade* hahaha. Or just blasting Jay Chou so that I could swoon over him. =P

Anyways, you get the idea. We bought the chair, and the rug. Just keeping a lookout for a bookshelf at the moment. The right kind of bookshelf to put all novels, and magazines in.

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