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I want to marry you cos you’re my handyman around the house! (umm, when you don’t injure yourself lah.)

Okay, I admit. As much as I would like to be the independent woman that I think I am, I’m not. I’m not that mechanically inclined. Technical, I can live with. But not mechanical. I still need someone to fix stuff.

I design/decorate, and he fixes. And that side of him came in handy when we were on our garage sale craze. We bought tools that we never thought we’d ever use. An electric sander, a drill kit, a nail/staple gun. Within the first year of us moving to Perth, we had sanded down our coffee table, a 2nd-hand garden bench, a side table, and a couple of deck chairs. Most of them were repainted and now have a place in our home. That kept us busy for a bit. The feeling was awesome. Definitely need more practice in painting. haha.

Hence, that’s where Donald comes in. Most of the time he’s good. Other times, you get the klutz Donald, where he hammers his thumb. *grin*

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