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I want to marry you because you hate writing cards but you will write one for me for birthdays & anniversaries. I still got the ‘Get Donald Ting to do whatever you want’ voucher okay!
– 25/06

the first year we moved to Perth, I was so bloody homesick on my birthday. No friends, plus in a new place as well. Meh. I was used to having friends around celebrating birthdays, not just a grumpy China old man in the same apartment. hahah. I was picking fights with Donald basically, and he wrote a card, and scored major points for that birthday, only cos of pure coincidence okay. (I don’t believe he’s that smart..haha).

In that card was a note that said:

So, to show my appreciation, and as it’s your birthday, I’m going to give you an exclusive pass where you can just “Flash” it and you can get me to do anything that is not against any law, not against anybody’s rights, or not result in me losing my modesty/reputation!!”

haha, I haven’t exercised the voucher yet. Ah wells, because of the brownie points he scored, I revoked it, and gave him his freedom back. Besides, I don’t need vouchers like this to get my way. muhaha. =)

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