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I want to marry you because it took me a long time to think about dating you..and it was worth it.
– 27/06

a friend once told me ‘good things comes to those who wait’. *laugh* so i waited. i  agonised. and i waited somewhere. my girlfriends can attest to the agnosing part. they put up with so much of my shit. I remembered the day Serene and I were at the co-op at the university, and I had been going on and on about Donald, about whether he likes me, or should I stop thinking about him. And speak of the devil, Donald walks in with Cheryl. Serene and I just grabbed each other’s arm, looked at each other and started laughing. It was one of those moments that you’re glad your girlfriend was right next to you.

it took a good long week for me to think about things. in Justine’s world, a week is a damn long time. I usually don’t think too much about stuff, and just go right ahead. (I think some ex-boyfriends can confirm that!! =P). But it was worth it I guess. One week for 4.5 years, and a wedding to come?

Yeah, it was worth it. =)

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