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I want to marry you cos it felt, wearing the gown for the first time, that this is it. =)


How quickly the decision to start looking at gowns starting. Coming from a person who knew nothing about even playing dress up. It felt nice to wander into shops after shops just to try on pretty dresses. haha. Till we got to Tuscany Bridal anyways. I had a choice between pouffy dresses (dresses that require a massive can-can beneath to hold it up), and nice simple streamlined dresses. That particular gown I chose, just felt right. It was simple, nothing too elaborate, a short train, and suited me just nice.

And things did sorta click in. Like this was it. and it felt the right kind of ‘this-was-it’, not the dreaded ‘this-was-it’. If you get what I mean. heh

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