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I want to marry you because it’ll make the beavy of girls you apparently have, give up their intentions on you *roll eyes* haha.


Ever since we got together, and even before we got together, Donald was always going on about how girls always love his freckles, and how girls would name his freckles, and how there was always a queue of girls waiting to date him. It was just that he decided to be with me, so he had  to break all the other girls’ hearts. *ROLL EYES*.

As the months/years went by, one of our friends probably got tired of him saying that, and promptly told him that’ eh, by now, it’s you queueing up to date the girls, the girls queueing up to date you okay.’  hahahahhaha. We had such a good laugh then. =P

Even then, we’ve had our fair share of up and downs when it comes to the opposite sex for either of us, in fact one fairly recently too. Not very happy about that, but aye, if it’s the price to pay for such a ‘hamsum’ husband-to-be, then no choice right? *winks* =P

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