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I want to marry you cos at the time of the break in, you were there with me & I didn’t feel as bad anymore


 17th April 2009. What a day to remember.

We had chosen that day for our engagement shoots cos it was our 4th anniversary together. It was the last couple of hours of the shoot left and we had parked behind the dunes at the beach, planning for some beach shots to be used for the wedding invites. What wasn’t planned was a car break-in. Meh. We lost a fair bit of stuff. Thankfully we were covered by insurance.

We felt sick the rest of the day, having lost so much. Jewellery, glasses, wallet, phones..etc. Not counting the broken window too. We had an anniversary¬†dinner planned at the Hyatt that night, and thought we should go anyways. We borrowed Peter’s car and a solemn, not very enthusiastic dinner. Haha. I didn’t even have an appetite for dessert! And the Hyatt does have a fantastic dessert selection. *sigh*

We spent the next 1.5 months picking up the pieces, slowly getting our stuff back. On the trip back to Singapore, we’ll be picking the new wedding bands, and a new engagement ring! *beams*

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