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I want to marry you because you bravely manly helped the piano mover move my piano, knowing it weighs like 200kgs. All that sweat & hard work is all worth it! =)


Spending some time with musicians at work got me itching to play the piano again. Of course, it didn’t help that Jay Chou had just released a movie featuring a piano piece. =P So the idle hunt for a piano began..and we came across a piano for the cheap cheap price of $420! Until we saw it anyways. It is an old piano (read: more than 20 years old). I had a fantasy of doing it up until I read about refurbishing a piano. -_- Not as easy as I thought.

We had called a couple of piano movers to get a couple of quotes and we settled on this particular guy who said he’ll charge $180 for two people to move it, or $120 if someone could help him move it. So ah-ngiao (stingy poker/cheapskate) Donald said he’ll help move it, saving the $60. To be fair, I did think it might be a good deal too, without thinking much about the weight of the piano and the size of my then-boyfriend.

hahaha. It would have worked too, if the mover wasn’t disabled in one hand. *deadpan*. I don’t have anything against disabled people..but surely you’ll give us some warning?

It took us almost 2 hours just to get the piano home. Alot of sweat from Donald. haha. But well, he paid the price for wanting to hear me play on the piano. =P And he did say it was worth it. haha.

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