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about 2 months after I got a new phone to replace the one that got stolen, my phone gets damaged. Bah.

In a rush to set off for work, I got into the car, sat on my bag, and then sorta realising that I probably sat on my phone, but didn’t really think twice about it. I mean, people sit on phones all the time. When I got to work, and took out my phone, there was a huge crack on the LCD screen, as you can see from the photo. Reading messages was getting interesting, cos I could only read half of it, and I spent 2mins each time, trying to make out what the messages are, and longer than usual sending smses cos I had to make sure that I was typing the right stuff.

Like I mentioned in the earlier post that I was gonna head home early today, this is the text that I got back from the fiance. haha. I love the fact that he made sure that the crux of the text could be seen.


 I want to marry you cos I love you for doing stuff like this for me! 


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