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I want to marry you cos you put me in a giggling fit over some of the stuff you do!


there are just moments in the relationship that are unexplainable. I went through two spurts of the giggles last night, once in the shower and the other in bed, giggling at the most insane thing ever, like the ‘big tings’, ’small tings’ bit of the website (not that i told him about this site..just the terms). and the fiance was just laughing at me cos I was giggling. those moments were just happy moments. not think about anything else, but just laughing over the silliest things.

Donald and I have a deal where I cook and he washes up. I’d prep lunch boxes and he’ll wash the lunch boxes. I’ll put leftovers into little containers and he’ll wash it when they are empty.

About a month ago, I had to shred some zucchini for a zucchini soup that I was cooking for dinner (definitely not going to be a repeated meal), and had some leftover zucchini which I thought I’d keep for sandwiches next time. I ended up not using it, and well, finally decided to throw it away cos it looked funky.

Was working in the study room, and heard Donald washing up the breakkie dishes and lunch containers..and others. A couple of moments later, I heard a ‘WAH!! *GAG*’ coming from the kitchen. I giggled, wondering which container it was that had a retch/gag-worthy stench. And then it hit me. The container of zucchini.

 And I laughed, and laughed and laughed. I couldn’t stop laughing. Every time I remembered that exclamation, I laughed. I know it’s mean of me to laugh..after all that horror I put him through with dishwashing. *inno*

It is that funny to me wat! =P

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