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so this is how the story begins. I thought I’d put a little twist into this whole ‘I want to’ thing. Might as well walk through the span of our relationship, leading to the wedding.

Basically, it was the alcohol that got us where we are now. haha. There were six of us, and the three boys were downing alcohol like there’s no tomorrow. Obviously everyone knows the effect of alcohol. The three girls had to look after one guy each, two of which were already attached to two of the guys. I got stuck with Donald, in the toilet. Offering him ‘tissue, water, green tea’ in that order, as he barked out his requests over the toilet bowl.

Hours later, alcohol fuelling his courage, I got the ‘Justine, I like you, do you like me?’ from him, to which I replied, ‘we’ll talk again when you are not drunk.’ haha.

It started with ‘Justine, I like you, do you like me?’ (All drunken courage & all) =P
– Jus, 01/05/09
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