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about a month after we got together, i was trying to convince the then-boyfriend to come along to Sydney with me. I had bought tickets earlier to meet up with my girlfriend after a loooong separation of 1.5 years! haha. he took a long while to decide (i guess he wasn’t sure if this girl was worth it to pay some money to travel with her! =P). luck would have it that I had miscalculated when my exams would finish and both of us ended up having to buy another ticket cos I had exams on the date that we were meant to leave. GAH.

It was so good to meet up with Justina, cramming about 8-9 people in a room at a budget hotel. I think the room was meant to accomodate 6 people. We met up with a couple of friends, Val & Ban Seng with the then very young Sean, JJ, and even uni mates who happened to be travelling as well. Dim sum was definitely on the menu, as was shopping (the intense discussions as to whether I should buy my now sorta defunct Emily Strange handbag). It was a good trip, that sorta sealed a few things in our relationship, IMO. =P

I present to you the highlight of our trip..

#9 goofing around @ the Omnimax Theatre, Sydney '05
#9 goofing aroung @ the Omnimax Theatre Sydney ’05

I want to marry you because we went travelling together to Sydney for the 1st time & I had a ball of a time! =) (but you took a damn long time to decide!)
– Jus, 03/05/09

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