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Dear Quentin,

hmm, mummy haven’t been writing about you much, have I? I guess as you turn 4 mths old next week, there is no better time like now to write about you eh?

昭恺。恺 means joy. You, have been my spark of joy every day ever since you started smiling. We have been spending so much time together, making up for lost time when you couldn’t come home for almost two weeks after you were born.

I love the way you follow me with your eyes when I walk past you or towards you. I love the way you smile and gurgle in the morning when I approach your cot. I love the way you grab hold of my top when you are nursing.

Do you know how wonderful it is to watch you when you are nursing? It is like that is your comfort and happy zone.

Oh honey, you came 6 weeks early but you are doing so well. You treat me trying to help you flip as a game and you would try. You would grin at my encouragement and you would try. And then I would leave you on your tummy for some tummy time…and forget that I left you in that position until you would yell for “help”. Hahaha. Sorry, kiddo. Mummy sometimes gets a little caught up with housework.

You are so easily excitable, kicking your little feet away. I see that you are starting to take notice of kor kor Ollie now, you would watch what he was doing when he is playing next to you. Sometimes you would play with him too. I love watching the both of you at play. It is pretty amazing what your arrival has done to your kor kor, and I am proud of the both of you.

You have some catching up to do physically, and mummy is going to try and help you with it. You won’t really like it, but slowly and surely okay?

We’ve still got the rest of our lives together, together with kor kor and Daddy..and may be your other siblings. Hehe. Keep smiling!


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