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a couple of months ago, I thought I’d do something nice for theĀ fiance, for the wedding. cos obviously the cross-stitch that I was doing is not going to be finished in time…*inno* as much as I toldĀ him that it was my wedding present to him..(as was the heart ‘friendship’ band =P)

unfinished cross-stitch
unfinished cross-stitch

so anyways, I started a ‘I want to…’ series.

I want to...
I want to…

I pasted this in the living room, and pasted a Post-It on a daily basis..until the novelty of having to write a reason each day wore off. =P Well, the reason for doing it was cos the fiance kept bugging me day in day out, asking me why I wanted to marry him when he’s unemployed and broke. hahaha. To keep him from bugging me any further, the ‘I want to’ board was basically to keep him entertained (& keep me sane) until the wedding.

Wish me luck!

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