joyeux anniversaire 7, mon bebe

before we looked like parents

before we looked like parents, not that we look bad like parents now okay. We just look fatherly and motherly (okok, which means more weight put on lar.)

The addition of Sarah into our family 5 days earlier, coupled with a few crazy dreams, and some errant hormones, has gotten me into a pensive mood for our anniversary this year. I had been wanting to write an entry about our anniversary. But wasn’t too sure how to go about it without being repetitive.

A WhatsApp chat with a friend over the weekend got me thinking about how hooking up with Donald had been a huge gamble and how it paid off.

Did you love Donald when you  dated him?”  No, I replied. But I liked him enough to think really hard about hooking up with him. We had somewhat differing views about religion, I was going back to SG whilst he remained in AUS, and we had not gotten to know each other for a really long time.

We dated for more than 6 months before I told him that  ‘I more than like you’  haha. Not so serious like love, but more serious than like.

Sarah’s arrival 4 weeks earlier than expected, has truly showed me what he is capable of as a husband to me and as a father to my children. On the morning of labour, he had just casually said, ‘I need to step up even more, for the boys and you.’ And then he started nagging me to pack my hospital bag. Hahahaha. WTH.

The evening before, I was feeling horribly sick. I couldn’t finish cooking dinner and went to lie down. It got worse when nothing would come up, and I felt bad enough to feel that I couldn’t even breathe properly. Fortunately, his major meeting had ended in the morning and I told him that he needed to be home. He finished his work as quickly as possible and came home immediately. It was the type of emotional support and assurance that he gave when I got sick. I do actually feel bad when I have to tell him to come home to take over when I get sick. It meant extra responsibilities on him, on top of work. So..gotta try not to fall sick that often lor.

So back to delivery day. He had the morning off, I had to go for a meeting. Obviously the meeting never happened cos shortly after I got off the floor from searching for my pump parts and sorting out the milk bottles….my waterbag leaked. Uh oh. And he went into kancheong mode, bag not packed! And I had orders for the weekend.

Great. Priorities. Complete orders (me), he will pack the bag for Sarah and will try what to pack what he can for me. He then decides the schedule for the rest of the day cos he needs to sort the boys out, collect stuff, hand the boys over to the in-laws, then come and meet me, if I was to be admitted. haha It was a HUGE if. We were joking that it was just a false alarm. I mean, waterbag leaking only leh. Time check, 9am.

By the time I left the house, it was about 10.40am. Grabbed a cab and went on my way.  We kept each other updated. One hour later, it was confirmed that I was to be admitted and to deliver Sarah the same day. Some of the mummies I got to know in a group chat thought it was crazy that I was doing all this alone at the moment. Donald joined me later at 6pm, 4 hours before the arrival of Sarah.

post delivery selfie

post delivery selfie

Was it crazy for me to be by myself most of the time? No. I would rather him be able to complete what he was doing, sort out the kids properly before coming to me with a peace of mind. And like each pregnancy, I marvel at how he knows what I want to know at each stage of the labour process. He keeps me updated with enough information to persevere through the next stage of labouring. He quickly takes a photo of baby so that I can see how she looks like whilst they clean her up (yes I am THAT kancheong!). He tells me how bad my stitches are gonna be. Hahaha. And how he rushes off after making sure I am fine after delivery, to grab my favourite curry rice from Jalan Besar.

To this man whom I’ve been together for 11 years,

– I ended up having Macs post delivery cos the curry rice shop was closed for Mid-Autumn;
– You went home to sleep on the huuuuge comfy bed that you have missed sleeping on for the past year or so, to co-sleep with the boys on a single bed so that I could rest well;
– You went back to regular parenting duties despite having slept for 5 hours and then stayed home with the boys the following night;
– You then made sure everything was prepped and ready for both Sarah and I for when we came home, including adjusting the water pressure on the bidet in the toilet just in case it would be too strong for my stitches;
– You did copious amounts of laundry just to make sure we had extras;
– You were at my beck and call for everything, you made sure you could attend to me as much as quickly as possible, cos my water retention has hit epic trotters level;
– You told me you felt bad that I was doing the cooking and you weren’t able to cook me my favourite foods but you understood why I had to do it;
– You understood my need to have this week together as a family, just the five of us; AND
 – You told your son that the best thing that ever happened to you was to marry me, and then having the kids as your children.

This huge gamble I took? It paid off big time and I am still reaping in the payoffs.

And I hope you know how much it means to have you in my life. Happy wedding anniversary, and yes, I’m very sure Sarah is the last kid. You can officially relax now.



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